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Hi, and welcome to my website!

Who am I:

An High School student

Right now I’m at an high school which I’ll complete at the age of 18/19 as a target if everything goes smooth, my main subject’s computer science related and I hope to get a good degree in the future.

A websites designer

I build websites for friends or who ask me, simple and smart like this or whatever you want, I’ll need you to tell me about and in about a week it’ll be ready (the time depends on the complexity and external factors), it will come for free if you let me publish the source code and my credits, we can talk about a deal to remove them.

A Spigot Plugins developer

I write and contribute to open source spigot plugins, like Prison which’s a masterpiece for me and also a very time and resource expensive project, but I’ve also some old experimental projects on my resource list and GitHub. You can ask me or give me ideas about plugins to make, I’ll be happy to try to make it real.

Quick look to my projects

Here you can see to which projects I’m working on or I did work in.



A minecraft server I’ve made with some friends and mainteined online for more than 2 years.



A Spigot Plugin I’m working with the goal to make the ultimate Prison server plugin.


Prison Website

The Official Prison website I’ve made some time ago.



A plugin I’ve made for my Prison server which will add permissions to break blocks.


Prison Ranks

A plugin I’ve made to challenge myself, didn’t end up in success but it was a very good experience and “unlocked” me.



A plugin which will give the ability to the player to make a shop spawnpoint in their home.



A plugin to regenerate the broken blocks in a world when broken, configurable and easy to use.


OnlyPlay website

My first website ever made, old times, from then I’ve improved a lot.

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Get in contact:

Please join my discord server

Join my discord server to get in contact with me, don’t worry I won’t do many @everyone so I won’t annoy you.

Get in contact

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With loveIn EU